DB.Boutabag does it for the family on his debut mixtape Bag Klan Misfit

@DBBoutabag is wearing his South Sacramento flag on his back and with his debut mixtape, he plans to highlight a different version of his side of town. The rising rapper has managed to stay out of his city’s politics, despite the heavy gang activities of his section. On his debut, he pledges allegiance to those who have cared for him since the sandbox, and to the pursuit of a more promising future.

Today DB.Boutabag unleashes his debut mixtape Bag Klan Misfit, bolstered by the success of his Yung Pear produced single “Bag Klan Trippin”. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about his first full-length project, and he shared responses that will both provide insight into his thought process creating the work, but also into the factors that motivate and inspire him. read on below to read the full Q&A!

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?
DB.Boutabag: I’m from South Sacramento, California. Iraq is what we call it, but like I told y’all before man South Sac a koo place to grow up in. You just have to move smart. Yeah it’s dry out here sometimes, but it will get real dangerous out here, real quick for real.

T: How do you manage to stay out of beef as a South Sacramento artist?
DB: I don’t involve myself in the gang banging politics of South Sac. I just affiliate my self with the whole South. Most of the niggas you see me with is my blood or sandbox brothas. I just grew up around all that shit. Seen niggas go to jail, my closet friends die, and hella shit. I done did my dirt, and I fasho know niggas that will… never mind. I’m on bigger and better things. I have family, and young siblings looking up to me. So I keep myself out of that shit.

T: How did you begin making music?
DB: I always was lyrical. I actually grew up in church, so I was in the choir when I was like 7. Then as I grew up I started writing verses. I used to get on restriction and write hella verses. No beat just straight A cappella.

T: How did you get your rap name?
DB: Shit I said it in one of my freestyles on IG, and after that everybody started calling me “Boutabag” or “DB.Boutabag”.

T: How would describe your musical style?
DB: I would have to say fired up, turnt party music. I switch my mood from time to time, but I like that up tempo, get a nigga out his seat music.

T: How did “Bag Klan Trippin” come about?
DB: Just found that fire Yung Pear beat and wrote it in the studio one night. Probably hella high off woods or something.

T: Tell me about the album ‘Bag Klan Misfit’.
DB: Shit it’s my first project. I put a lot of time and effort into it down from the beats to every lyric and feature on there. I can’t say the project was hard, but I learned a lot. Definitely learned that something like this takes time and a work ethic, and a lot of studio time. Lol, shit it’s my life on a beat. What I’ve seen, what I go through, what I deal with, what I want to accomplish, and what I see for my future.

T: Why is it called ‘Bag Klan Misfit’?
DB: Lol well I wasn’t like hella “popular” growing up. Motherfuckas didn’t fuck with me. I used to get roasted and hella shit. So it’s like now that I rap, I embrace that kid I used to be because people didn’t really like me. I wasn’t cool enough or something. I was a misfit. I’m humble, but at the same time when I run into people like that, it makes me cocky. So shit I just called it Bag Klan Misfit.

T: What inspired the project?
DB: My fans. People around me. The numbers I get back that made me want to keep going and do a whole project.

T: What’s the most meaningful record on the tape, and why?
DB: “Slidin All Together” HANDS down. I made that song for my brother PHerb. He was murdered a little bit ago, and I just had to get a record with his name in it. Something that will keep his name alive forever #WorldOfoPHerb. Hopefully it give y’all an understanding of how much I love my brothers and show y’all the lengths I’ll go to make sure they cool.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening?
DB: No message. I just want them to feel me in every song. I want them to relate to what I say.

T: What’s next for DB.Boutabag?
DB: More projects. More platforms. More music.

T: Complete the sentence. “The way I see it…”
DB: If you from Sacramento, and don’t fuck with DB, YOU DIRTY!

T: Is there anything else you want to say?
DB: Subscribe to My YouTube (DB.boutabag) for more music and follow me on Ig @db.boutabag4l. And let’s take it to the next level.

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