Producer Legends Part One: Rick Rock, Sean T, & DJ Fresh

If you’re a fan of Northern California music or the sound inspired by Northern California music, then you likely, at least in part, owe a debt to the three legendary beat makers we’ll introduce you to in part one of Producer Legends, an interview series that highlights conversations with the architects of Northern California hip-hop we know and love.

We kick off this series with 3 multi-part talks with Rick Rock, Sean T, and DJ Fresh. In these talks we learned the histories behind their biggest records, as well as their relationships with hip-hop and producing. Read on below to watch each of these interviews in full as well as to learn who each of these masterful creators and hip-hop contributors are.

Rick Rock

“Rick Rock Beats yeah fella I’ll rock ya”, is the tag heard on one of Bay Area rap’s most famous records. The “Hyphy Remix” is a record that helped define and give a name to the movement, our region is most known for. With records like “Hyphy”, “Go Hard Or Go Home”, and others, Rick Rock had his hands in shaping what would come to be known as the Hyphy sound. But that isn’t all, he’s worked with Tupac, Xzibit, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and others!

Sean T

Sean T produced what is arguably the most popular song with Bay Area fans, to come out of the Bay Area in the last 15 years. Mac Dre’s “Feelin Myself” is a cultural staple. When that first chord and piano lead comes on, the energy of any room is amplified by at least ten. Sean T’s a legend who has had a hand in the careers of The Game, Keyshia Cole, The Clique, and is now putting in work with Haiti Babii. Check out our 6-part interview to get familiar.

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh DJ Fresj DJ Fresh! The Baltimore born DJ and producer who found a home in Oakland in his youth, has touched the early careers of many of our favorites. His Tonite Show series is one of the most impactful Bay Area staples. His work with Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka, Ezale, Mozzy, and dozens more speaks for itself. Today, the founder of his own label, Fresh is putting in work with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y. Don’t sleep on this guy.

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