Chris Christopher – THC3 (Album)

Bay Area Rapper @420chris925 lets out another timeless California classic out the vault, embarking us on his final voyage into “THC3”, a 12 track album that has officially made Chris Christopher’s THC series a trilogy! 

The entire trilogy has been solely produced by critically acclaimed Bay Area producer Rob Lo, the famed in house producer behind Bay Area factors The Jacka and Mac Dre. Arguably, Rob Lo has some of the best underground songs to come out of the Bay Area from some of the Bay Area’s most celebrated artists.

Chris Christopher’s THC Trilogy defines blood sweat and tears, as every facet of the project from beat selection, to the high quality studio recordings and mixes from The Grill Recording Studios, high end photography/artwork layouts, down to the lyrics, not a single part of the project has lacked professional quality or attention. The love that was put into the final album of the THC Trilogy is felt through the speakers from the very beginning of the intro track!

In the intro, he starts off with a pound in his lap in the first two bars of the intro, and reminds his listeners that his music was brought to life from being a connected and respected cannabis activist, and he reminds his listeners that his storyline isn’t scripted, it’s a factual representation and documentation of his life through music and cannabis.

With all the love and compassion put into Chris Christophers THC Trilogy, of course, it would come with a respectable feature list. The THC Trilogy has big-name artists like Berner, B Legit, J Diggs, Husalah, Dru Down, Joe Blow, Fed-X, Rydah J. Klyde, Rob Lo, Equipto, Ampichino, Smiggz, Michael Marshall, Young Bossi, and Yung Endo.

To listen to Chris Christopher’s THC Trilogy, just go to any streaming platform, and search “Chris Christopher THC”, and you will soon see why Chris Christopher holds the title as one of the Bay Area’s hardest working emcees right now.

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