Doja Exclusive & Kombat with a K – The Doja Tape

@KombatOffical & @doja_ek come together for the banging new project Doja Tape. The album holds its sonic roots in West Coast and Bay Area Hip Hop. With Kombat getting his lyrical style for artists such as Curren$y and Berner. It’s all about the trees for these two. So make sure to roll one and check out more below. (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: Where are you from?
Doja Exclusive & Kombat with a K: Doja EK and I were born and raised in the Bay Area. EK was raised in Santa Clara, while I was raised in the East bay around Antioch.

T: How did you begin making music?
DE & KK: I started making music when I was about 6 years old, playing the piano and making beats. During High School I was known as “DJ Birdo” always creating DJ mixtapes of songs that included artists like.. Roach Gigz, Iamsu, Kool John, e40, etc… anyway I could help spread good music in the bay.  

T: How did you get your rap name?
DE & KK: I love marital arts and did it for 13 years;  I really wanted to brand myself in some type of way with that, so I came up with “Kombat with a K”

T: How would describe your musical style?
DE & KK: Everyone likes to say that they don’t sound like anyone else, but I could honestly say my musical style is really unique. I’m very versatile when I make songs, so I don’t like to box in my musical style.  The Doja Tape for example shows a whole other side of my production + writing ability. 

T: Tell me about the new project.
DE & KK: The Doja Tape really is one of a kind.  It’s the first time a Studio Production Company (Infinite Rhythm Productions) and a Cannabis Company (Doja Exclusive) came together to put out a collaboration of work for the Hip/hop & Weed culture.  Me and Doja Ek worked extremely hard to put talented artists together to make an epic collab.  We wanted to make sure we did this right for the culture. Including putting together unreleased “the Jacka”  and Curren$y vocals to help pay homage to a bay area legend, while putting him on this tape with another legend for everyone to enjoy.  

T: What inspired the project?
DE & KK: Weed! haha nah but seriously.  A little over a year ago Doja Ek came to me with the idea that we should do a tape.  It was kind of just a thought at first but then it became serious! He really had a vision that we can bring those two avenues together through a cannabis company, and help underground artists without a platform help get out there.  My Inspiration for the Production and writing aspects for this album was greatly influenced by artists I look up to such as: Curren$y, Wiz, Berner, Snoop Dogg, The Jacka.  I wanted to make sure this album had a West Coast + Bay Area Vibe that we can all relate to in some way or another, while preserving all of the artists authentic sound.

T: How is it different than previous works?
DE & KK: This body of work is very different from my last ones; I have never made a cannabis album before and I was very excited to learn more about the weed culture and be able to incorporate it with Hip/Hop.  The way Doja Ek introduced me to this lifestyle really helped me find the right vibes to produce for this tape.  We really pushed the limit with each track trying to make it better than the last

T: How did your project get its title?
DE & KK: Working with “Doja Exclusive” it’s only right we name the tape “Doja Tape” . It is an honor working with such an amazing company with very talented individuals that really know what they’re doing and talking about.  When it comes to “Designer Weed” Doja Exclusive is the way to go. Big S/O to Ryan, EK, Ty, Chico, Gutie and all the rest of who make Doja Great! It’s awesome working with people that have just as much passion as you do regardless of what it is.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening?
DE & KK: The biggest thing I want our fans to walk away with is inspiration.  Be inspired to start new trends, be inspired to get up and do something positive for the community, be inspired to be your best self every single day.  We worked very hard to bring something different and unique to the bay area & cannabis culture.  Whether you copy us or not, we’re just happy you can get inspired and do something more for the culture. 

T: What’s next?
DE & KK: For me personally “Kombat with a K” I’m currently working on another solo EP to follow this project.  We’re going to be dropping a couple more singles with “Doja Exclusive” as well.  Maybe even get a “Doja Tape 2” started… who knows

T: Is there anything else you want to say?
DE & KK: People like to describe our teamwork as Doja EK being the “Suge Knight” and me being the “Dr. Dre” of this tape, coming together to create something legendary & influential.

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