TC Don Dada ft. TreMula – New Lil D (Music Video)

South Hayward boss TC Don Dada tapped in with a North Oakland Boss TreMula for their new track “New Lil D”. If you’re not familiar, Lil D is an Oakland Street legend and former kingpin who was known for being fly, flashy and living an extravagant lifestyle. The two rappers spit about how they’re the new generations Lil D by having the freshest clothes, most fly cars, and putting their team on. TC Don Dada recently just dropped his new EP Rich Off TurnArounds and the whole project slaps. The project contains 5 songs and features from TreMula and Detroit native Peezy. Go tap in with them and keep your ears clean for TC Don Dada and TreMula.

Follow TC Don Dada on IG: TC_DonDada1001
Follow TreMula on IG: richkidzdr1p53ptw


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