Respect The Shooter Vol. 3: Five More Directors You Should Know

Respect The Shooter is series dedicated to highlighting the men and women behind the camera. As time passes we see how important music videos are to breaking new artists, and maintaining the relevance of established acts. This truth is amplified when we’re discussing the underground, as we do on Thizzler. Read on below to learn which 5 new directors you should keep an eye on.
– Penned by Matthew Fong


Fat$, also known as “envisionedbyfat”, has been keeping productive in the last year, especially in the past few months by dropping multiple music videos. Utilizing his previous experience doing car photography, Fat$ is consistently able to get great angles that center his subject. Working with the likes of Mico Cocky, Aflacko and RE, and Lil Yase, Fat$ has established himself as a go-to director. Especially for San Francisco artists.


Bayshiro has made a name for himself as of late by working with artists like Bla$ta, Baby J, EBK Young Joc and Lil B. His videos are unique in the sense that ‘Shiro focuses on details that allow connections to be made between the artist and the environment. His work has accumulated over a million views in under a year, so it’s obvious that he’s a rising shooter to look out for.

Stacking Memories

Stacking Memories is a media group comprised of two brothers collaborating on video direction. Based out of Santa Cruz and LA, SM has made quality production for artists such as YhungTO, ALLBLACK, and Wiz Khalifa. The work speaks for itself. Just look at their seamless edits and clean, cinematic shots.

Adam KG

Adam KG has captivated his audience by making use of raw cinematography, color correction, and environment. He’s proven that he can be just as effective with storylines as he is with run-and-gun point and shoot set ups. He’s garnished the likes of Pimptobi, MAJ4L, and Babyface Peanut by providing them some of his best bodies of work.

Skiii Mob

SkiiiMob, straight out of Stockton, has produced some of the rawest video content from the city. His photographic eye, paired with his camera knowledge and use of clean tones has seen a lot of success within the past couple of years. He’s worked with Stockton’s biggest acts including MBNel, EBK Young Joc, and Young Slo-Be.


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