Lul DreDay – Runnin’ Plays (EP)

@luldreday just released his new EP Runnin’ Plays. The project consists of 6 songs, with 5 new tracks. Lul DreDay worked with two notable producers for the tape, both JayCeeBeats and @kel24k. Lul DreDay also has multiple features on the tape, with big name features like @dbboutabag and #DL4L. Lul DreDay kept to his Fairfield roots by working with #DL4L on the song “Creep TLC”.

If you’re getting ready to head to hit the club, Lul DreDay has got you, with all 6 tracks being perfect for the function. While the whole EP slaps, “Go Stupid”, “Poppin'”, and “WWIII” are all certified slaps that need to be slapped both in the club and in your whip. Make sure to listen to Lul DreDay’s new EP Runnin’ Plays right here.


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