Nash Boogie – Instant Gratification (Album)

“Instant Gratification” & “Gentrification” are available on all DSP’s & can be purchased as unique personalized MP3 players (like an iPod) directly from Nash Boogie’s website ( “Gentrification” the album  comes as a cassette MP3 player in what resembles a cannabis club jar with the songs on the MP3 cassette and includes USB adapter for charging & headphones for personalized listening. The headphone jack can also be used for auxiliary listening in the car or wireless speaker while the usb can be used the same way. “Instant Gratification” his latest project that hit digital platforms 1-31-20 comes as a car MP3 player that resembles a hot wheel in blister packs with the song’s, usb & headphones included like the previous album “Gentrification” creating a personalized experience for the listener once again. Catch Nash Boogie on tour in a city near you, and slap “Instant Gratification on Apple Music here. (Artist Submitted)

Follow Nash Boogie on IG: @Nashisnpire


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