Leyran – Dreamz R 4Real (EP)

@leyran1904 is from San Diego, CA also known as Daygo. His biggest inspirations are Tupac and Mac Dre and many other California legends. Although he’s from the most southern part of California, his love for all of NorCal, especially the Bay, is unmatched. Going on as an unrecognizable talent from SouthEast Daygo, he still chooses to rise above every other artist from his area by continuing to make music and collaborations from today’s artists that he heavily listens to such as Benny, RG and Remedy. 22 going on to 23, he’s pushing this music movement to become the sound of San Diego.
Leyran comes through with his new EP Project: Dreamz R 4Real. The project sees Leyran spitting bars about how he is fighting to make his dreams come true. He’s working while people are at the party and he’s always honing his craft. He’s chasing dreams trying to make them real. Listen to Project: Dreamz R 4Real above. (Artist Submitted)

Follow Leyran on IG: @leyran1904


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