Fresno’s BankRoll RaeDoe delivers debut EP Up-1

Fresno’s Bankroll RaeDoe bust on to the scene with his stand out record “Lay Me Down” on a couple of months back. Today he releases his new EP Up-1, an 8-track outing that highlights RaeDoe’s strengths and points to a promising future if the rising artist continues to dedicate time and resources to the craft that offers him refuge from the realities of life in Fresno, CA, a town that’s slept on.

RaeDoe shines when he’s tackling big slapping beats with his melodic delivery. On “Lay Me Down” and “Big 40 Flow” he showcases that he can croon with the best of them even while delivering tough bars about sliding on opps. It’s a duality that we can appreciate.

Follow Bankroll RaeDoe on IG at @bankroll.raedoe. Stream Up-1 on all platforms here.


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