ZayBang applies pressure on new EP Since ’08: They Want The Old Me Back

@08_zaybang is no doubt one of the hottest rappers in the Northern California hip-hop ecosystem. Since dropping Caught Up In The Crossfire in October 2019, it’s only been up for the San Francisco native. 2020 has been a fruitful year, and one that has already given us a one full-length ZayBang album in March release The Streets Blame Me. Fans have been digesting that release and the elevated visuals that have come with it.

Zay’s been stepping into his own greatness as an artist, and this trend continues on his latest release Since ’08 They Want The Old Me. The 6-track offering is a testament that less is more. Produced by Remedy, DJ Taliband, and newcomer SplashBoyBeats, Zay’s latest outing highlights his growth and an expansion of his sound. While the themes found in his lyrics remain more or less consistent, his sonic experimentation challenges the listener to see Zay in new light.

There are a few records that standout because of how they stand out from Zay’s catalogue up until this point. The EP opener “Lion & A Cheetah” is produced by Remedy and features percussive and synth elements that sound like they could’ve came straight out of the 80s. “New Rem”, also produced by its namesake, interpolates Masta Ace’s “Born To Roll”. The result is an upbeat slap with potential to build nationally. Lastly “Like I’m KK” is produced by newcomer, SplashBoyBeats. The intro transports you to what feels like some epic medieval battle before seamlessly transitioning into a much less challenging and slapping record.

Of course if you’re looking for a sound you’re familiar with from Zay, “Losing Patience”, “3D”, and “Take Long” ft. Lil Bean have just what you need, and they do not disappoint. The 24 year old rapper has yet to disappoint in fact. As the kids say, “he don’t miss!”

Stream Since ’08: They Want The Old Me on all platforms.

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