Bueno Presents: American Cream (Movie + Soundtrack)

South Sac vet @TheRealBueno recently unveiled his new movie and soundtrack American Cream, directed by Rap Shack. The movie is about a single father that is facing the everyday life issues of being a parent and raising a son in the rough inner city environment full of ups & downs. He starts to take matters into his own hands to try and find a way for himself and his family financially in the streets. Although he is trying to do the right thing, he is faced with harsh realities in the hustle of the game and when the stakes are high how low will you go!

You’ll see appearances in the film from Bueno, Yukmouth, Lul Doody, Lecsi Tomorrow, Chief, Stunna Blu, Booda Baby, Bris #RIP, and G Man, plus the soundtrack features tracks from Bueno, The Gatlin, Dubb 20, Ampichino, Kuzzo Fly, and many more. Watch the movie right here, and grab your copy of the soundtrack over on iTunes!


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