Grand Nationxl – Twice on Sunday (Season 1) (Album)

@Grandnationxl dropped their album Twice on Sunday (Season 1). Before we hit the music, Grand Nationxl is a group to keep your eyes. This more of a collective than a group, with 16 members each bringing their individual style together to create unique music that speaks to the Black experience in the Bay Area. The album looks short with only 9 tracks, but Grand Nationxl makes each song true and organic, with the tape being 43 minutes long. Their music video “Wings N Things” speaks to Grand Nationxl as a collective.

The video shows the depth of the group, with names like @kevinallenmusic, @champgreen09, @manidraper, @rouxshankle, and D. Bledsoe delivering short but hard-hitting verses on how the Black community is feeling about repeated injustice in America. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really feeling this project. The 9 track project is incredibly peaceful and meditative, delivering an important messages over beautiful production. Make sure to listen to Grand Nationxl’s album Twice on Sunday (Season 1) right here.


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