A Survivor of 5 heart surgeries, 97Sicc reveals his biggest inspiration for making music

@The97sicc from South Sacramento just released his latest single “Momma Told Me”. Below is his interview about his process and musical inspirations. (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: How did you begin making music?

97Sicc: I began making music when I found out i’m dying when I was 17. I lost everything. Scouts and college opportunities due to it. I dropped out of school for a minute, and had no way to get through the pain of basically dying and losing everything and damn near my life. So the music helped me speak, and gave me a purpose again. So music has been my thing for a minute now. It’s the only thing keeping me sane after 5 heart surgeries. 

T: How did you get the name 97Sicc?

97Sicc: My dad and Uncle are OG Crips from riverside. My dad name is Sicc, and my uncle gave me the name S2 so for my artist name. I just switched it up a lil bit. Another way to say S2 would be 97, the year I was born, and Sicc to follow.

T: How would describe your musical style?

97Sicc: I don’t have a music style, I make every [kind of] music I want to make, I have a rock song, some Spanish music, and plan on making a Japanese song. I got a country song I’m sitting on. I just make whatever I want to make, because can’t nobody tell me what I’m supposed to make. They say just cause I look a certain way and talk a certain way, I’m suppose to make this music. I’m not for that. Imma make sure I break that stereotype.

T: Tell me about “Momma Told Me”.

97Sicc: I say, “Momma told me if I hustle I can’t have a heart, gotta sell where it sell and play yo part. I knew that since a boy, now this my favorite part. She said if you thuggin, play yo part! Every move that you make they gon’ jocc you, you gotta move smooth, keep one up top too. She said can’t take my baby, buss if you got too.”  The song is about hustling and the realism of my life. 

T: What inspired the record?

97Sicc: All that is a true story. I got put on in a gang when I was 7 and when my mom found out she just asked me, “do you understand what that come with?” I said “yeah” and that was that. I grew up in the gutter and my mom was realistic. Grew up wit hustlers tho, so I know how to get it, but I came to a point where I felt like I was compromising my character for the bag, and my momma told what you sellin’ you can’t have a heart, all my circumstances inspired the song really.

T: Is it a part of an album? If so, what makes this body of work different than others?

97Sicc: I do have a project on the way fasho. It’s in the making & all my music is different so you gon’ catch a couple of different vibes in the project for sure. This one is a bit more gutta than the rest of em.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening to your music?

97Sicc: You gon’ understand that you ain’t gotta do what all these other niggas doin. Actin like the toughest nigga out only make you look soft really. You gotta be you, 100% authentic. It’s only one you in this world so why try to be like another, that’s lame business. You a cop out if you do that straight up.

T: What’s next for you?

97Sicc: What’s next is more music and more growth. That’s all I can do. I can’t predict where this goes, but imma take it to the maximum every time. If y’all decide to fucc wit me, imma fucc wit you just as tough.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?

97Sicc: Be you in this world of monkey see monkey do ass generation. That’s your way of standing out. Just cause you down right now don’t mean you can’t come up. When you hit that rock bottom there’s only one way out and that’s up in whatever shape that take for you. As long as you do better than you did yesterday, no day goes to waste.

Follow 97Sicc on IG: @97sicc.

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