D.I.V Tha Money Maker on releasing Journey’s Thru Da Mic and his Hip-Hop career

@Div_goldngreen just released his latest documentary “Journey’s Thru Da Mic”, directed by Christian Weldon and D. Johnson. We spoke with him about his vision for the project and his influences having grown up around the inception for Hip-Hop. (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?

D.I.V Tha Money Maker: I was born & raised in Oakland, California. My upbringing was cool, I was able to experience the beginning of the surge of Rap & Hip-Hop.

Thizzler: How did you begin making music?

D.I.V: I started writing music my senior year in high school. I made a group called C & D, which got production from Dj Cooly G. Then I joined my other cousins & we created another group called C.U.Z, which later changed to The Kounzil. I’m also a solo artist with 3 albums under my belt.

Thizzler: How did you get your rap name?

D.I.V: I have 3 different stage names; Mr. Dividenz, Dividenz, & Now D.I.V Tha Money Maker. I got my name because i’m a go getter and a businessman – its all money.

Thizzler: How would describe your musical style?

D.I.V: My musical style consists of the production. I let the music sound talk to me and I develop the mood & create a format for the listener’s to imagine & or relate to.

Thizzler: Tell me about “JOURNEYS THRU DA MIC”.

D.I.V: “Journey’s Thru Da Mic” is available now for rent or download on Amazon Prime Video. From the depths of Oakland, California, childhood friends unite to form an independent record label. They make their mark on the underground rap circuit & take you on a journey throughout their musical career’s as artists & executives. It’s a documentary to show our supporter’s the stages we faced to finance, create, & network before they was digital assets.

Thizzler: What inspired it?

D.I.V: From the beginning of me signing my first deal, I was inspired to do this to present this to my family & the world to see our contributions in the rap game.

Thizzler: How is it different than previous releases?

D.I.V: My other documentary titled LIGHT’S CAMERA ACTION was more so about how we moved across the Bay Area & gave other artists & models a visual promotional stage along with our core group of label affiliates.

Thizzler: What message do you want fans to walk away with after watching?

D.I.V: I want the fans/supporters to know it wasn’t a cake walk when we stepped in the rap game. We had to learn everything on our own & it was really hands on. Major s/o to Deebo Wee Seed Records, the first Black & Brown record label representing Oakland, California.

Thizzler: What’s next?

D.I.V: What’s next is my clothing line Gold N Green Apparel and more independent films.

Thizzler: Is there anything else you want to say?

D.I.V: S/o Christian Weldon a.k.a. Mr Dummy Man from Stunt Dummy Entertainment. He’s an amazing director, editor, and graphic artist. Extra special thanks to all that participated on the project from past to present. R.I.P Brotha Nameless & J.P.

Follow D.I.V Tha Money Maker on IG: @div_thamoneymaker and stream his records on Apple Music.

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