Sammy Shiblaq – Between The Lines (Album)

Detroit and the Bay Area are like cousins in terms of the rap game. Both the D and the Bay have similar styles and time after time, we’ve seen artists from both places link up and drop music. However there is one artist who connects both places together; that’s @Sammy_Shiblaq. 

Originally from Detroit and now residing in San Jose, Sammy Shiblaq just dropped his newly released album Between The Lines. He can spit bars but also rap melodically and flow with substance, merging a new school sound with an old school vibe. One of the popular songs off of the project is “Soul Survivor” where we hear an intriguing collaboration of Sammy’s storytelling paired with Amber Woods’ soulful and inspirational voice.

Some of the other standout songs on the project are “Life I live (Intro)”, “Trust Nobody”, “Down”, and “To Be Told (Interlude)”. In the Interlude, he speaks on all of the things he had to go through in the past few years, as well as the transition from Detroit to San Jose. While currently being one of the hottest projects in San Jose, there is only more to come from Sammy Shiblaq.

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