Loo Kang – Owe It To Em (Album)

Lakeland, FL’s Loo Kang releases Owe It To Em into the hands of the people! In December of 2019, Loo Kang made the long distance move from Florida to Oakland, CA to widen his life experience and deepen his musical know-how. In the city of Oakland there’s a lot to learn, Owe It To Em is a testament to Loo Kang’s mentors, idols, and family. With 15 tracks and features from Ally Cocaine and Trigga – Loo Kang is out to win the hearts of the people of Oakland and extend the love all the way back to his hometown of Lakeland. Make sure you slap Owe It To Em on Apple Music and follow Loo Kang on IG: @lookang! (Artist Submitted)


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