Drilla Goddi ft. J Kent & AJ Wesley – See Us Win (Music Video)

Sacramento artists Drilla Goddi, J Kent, and AJ Wesley link up to sing and rap about the struggle of trying to win. In the end, they don’t accept defeat on “See Us Win”. This record is really a celebration of the come-up. People switched up on them, they felt low as dirt, and they went down roads they knew no end to and still they persevered. It’s a lot of painful memories and time gone before they started to reap the rewards of their efforts. A definite slap for when you are in your feelings about where you’ve been and where you’re tryna go next against all odds! Music video directed by Rap Shack and beat produced by Dan. Slap “See Us Win” on SoundCloud and follow Drilla Goddi, J Kent, AJ Wesley, and Rap Shack on IG: @drillakuku, @jkent16official, @treyjay16official, and @rapshackmobetta! (Artist Submitted)

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