Tnumba4 – Back On My Rap Shit (EP)

Vallejo, CA’s Tnumba4 releases his 5 song ep Back On My Rap Shit with an overarching theme of returning back to the rap grind. This project is full of fat beats and sticky punchlines. “Freestyle pt. 2” features Tnumba4 delivering ego-boosting bars over a synthesized wind instrument and slappin’ drum beat. “Slide Tonight” may seem like a playful title, but it’s no jokes when Tnumba4 pulls up on someone. He’s really about it and will slide with no hesitation. The closing track, “Trip Again” is his last attempt at closing out this project full of street shit and bag chasin’! Follow Tnumba4 on IG: @thealmighty4l. (Artist Submitted)


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