A-Bliccy does not cap on “F*cc It Up”

Stockton’s A-Bliccy knows the women around him gon “F*cc It Up” cause he’s that dude. This @WETHEPARTYSEAN directed visual up top features two models dressed in black lingerie dancing around A-Bliccy as he raps the ultimate players anthem. He’ll get women to do what he wants when he wants it cause he’s got a bag. He lays claim to the winning team and invites a thirsty h*e to get lost. Bangin’ drum and keys beat produced by MaceMula. Slap “F*cc It Up” on SoundCloud! Follow A-Bliccy, 52Weeks Ent., @WETHEPARTYSEAN, and MaceMula on IG: @aye_bliccy, @52weeksent, @wethepartysean, and @mace.mula. (Artist Submitted)

We had a chance to speak with A-Bliccy, formerly known as AB-Hogish. Check it out below.

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?

A-Bliccy: I’m from Stockton, North to be exact.

T: How did you begin making music?

A: I used to be in the studio with my older cousins so I was always around it, but when I caught my first gun charge at 15 and went to juvenile hall I started writing. I did 8 months, came home, and just started recording.

T: How did you get your rap name?

A: Older homies say I never pass the ball. Never pass the weed. Never pass the b*tches lol. So they call me Hogish, and AB is what everybody been calling me since I was little, so I jus put em both together, AB Hogish. But now I go by A-Bliccy

T: How would you describe your musical style?

A: Me

T: Tell me about the song “F*cc It Up”.

A: My boy Mace Mula shot me the beat and I immediately just went in, no writing. And it came out dope. I don’t cap in my song either.

T: What inspired the record?

A: The bag.

 T: How is it different than previous releases?

A: It’s a whole different vibe and style than the original record ,and any of my songs I’ve done in the past.

T: What’s next?

A: I will be dropping my album B.A.B.E. in December. I’ll keep y’all updated when I get the exact date.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?

A: 52weeksEnt / B.A.B.E. It’s our year!

You can follow A-Bliccy on Instagram at @Aye_Bliccy

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