YUNG N.A.Z x T Nutty 2 Stubby – High Risk (Album)

San Francisco, CA (Hunters Point) rapper @yungnaz and T Nutty 2 Stubby recently released their 13-track project High Risk. With songs produced by Legion Beats, Hydrolic West, and Issa Bailey Beats, and features from Kuzzo Fly, Digital Top Hat, and Vidal Garcia – this album unites a ton of talent! The project is a dope vibe, it’s something to ride to and definitely has some slaps for the club. “Circle” is about shorty throwin’ back what she’s got, and “Rain Drip” brings us to a slower emotional place, it’s a versatile project with something for everybody. YUNG N.A.Z says “It’s going crazy nationwide! NBA legends John Salley and Ryan Hollins are rocking with it, plus music legends Lenny Williams, MC Hammer, and Black C (RBL Posse) are rocking with it, and a lot more.” Directed by Nazcar Cash Ent! Make sure you slap High Risk on Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, or Pandora! Follow YUNG N.A.Z on IG: @therealyungnaz. (Artist Submitted)

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