Galaxy Stoner – Natus Est Vivet (Album)

@GalaxyStoner recently released visualizers for “Usque Deorsum/ Down Below” and “Sicut III/ Like 03”, two singles from his latest album Natus Est Vivet. Both singles feature Galaxy Stoner rapping about his world, they’re his invitation for us to live in it for a minute alongside him. The album borrows Latin phrasing for all of its song titles and it’s no wonder Galaxy Stoner chose a love language to represent this project. The chill and reminiscent vibes floating off each of the 8 tracks offers the listener a place to rest their heads and let their thoughts drift. On top of the intricate lyrical messages of Natus Est Vivet, the album’s vibrating bass hits and fat kick drums on each track provide a cohesive and pleasant production to listen to all the way thru. Visualizers directed by @infgang. Stream Natus Est Vivet here and follow Galaxy Stoner on IG: @galaxystonerr! (Artist Submitted)

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