MoneyChasinMiiklo – FAMBIDNESS (Album)

San Jose’s @YungMiiklo drops “FAMBIDNESS”, a 5-track project full of lyrical punchlines and fat drum beats. Track 4, “She a Baddie” is the most popular stream so far, MoneyChasinMiiklo envisions himself with a bad bitch and an huge bag at his side. It’s every rappers dream. The melody on “No Pressure” is a lower-octave piano riff, MoneyChasinMiiklo’s aggressive lyrics sit comfortably in the menacing production and make for a dope slap. “Glock 22”, the second most popular track, has a meanass beat – make sure you check that out too. MoneyChasinMiiklo is a promising upcoming artist to watch comin’ out of San Jose! Make sure you stream FAMBIDNESS on Apple Music and follow MoneyChasinMiiklo on IG: @moneychasinmiiklo! (Artist Submitted)

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