Everybody Eats – Marksmiths x Ruby (Music Video)

Stockton, CA’s @_everybodyeats_ is bringing back that ‘real’ rap on “Marksmiths x Ruby”, the first singles off the album Everybody Eats 2. This combo visual shot by @williamcorduroy shows @marcokane_ performing “Marksmiths” in shadowy outdoor lighting, he nears the end of the track and is suddenly interrupted by an untimely phone call. Cue @stevespiffler to perform “Ruby”, keeping with the same theatrical elements of the first performance. These two songs are also united in their messages, the Everybody Eats motto is clear and simple – it’s no room for selfishness in this group. Produced by @JBA1k and Marco Kane! Peep the team up top and stream/save the full album Everybody Eats 2 on Apple Music or Spotify. (Artist Submitted)

Follow Everybody Eats, Steve Spiffler, Marco Kane, JBA1k, and Jefree Aqua on IG: @officialeverybodyeats, @stevespiffler, @_marcokane, @jb_astorga, and @williamcorduroy. Merch and giveaways available from Everybody Eats on IG and Twitter!

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