frankieluv x ogmprod – Weed & Heartbreaks (Album)

Weed & Heartbreaks is a 13-song project from frankieluv and Gilroy’s ogmprod. Not only do ogmprod’s vocals appear on all 13 tracks but he’s also the sole producer on this project! Weed & Heartbreaks is an anthem for the wake ‘n bakers out there who are just tryna have a good day above all else. Throw on “Dough” before life start hitting you with its bullshit and slap “Be With Me” when you’re on your way to your boo’s crib. This project’s tracklist is sonically diverse and cover topics everybody can get down with – it’s something for every listener on Weed & Hearbreaks. Find ogmprod on Apple Music and follow him on IG: @ogmprod. (Artist Submitted)


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