HyroFBB – What’s the Problem? (Prod. Roblo)

Brentwood, CA’s HyroFBB in in his zone on “What’s the Problem?”. He’s all about his income but won’t do just anything for a check. These h*es can get curved and less-talented artists can get stepped on. HyroFBB is back with hotboi tendencies and is really about his gualla. He knows the hate and fakeness he’s wading thru now is gonna be in his rear view soon. If there’s one theme you can take away from this single, HyroFBB says “it’s f*ck being broke 💯”! It’s hard to not get behind this message. HyroFBB is out here keeping it real for us! Slap “What’s the Problem?” on Apple Music. Follow HyroFBB, Roblo (producer), and X-A-V Productions (director) on IG: @hyrofbbofficial, @robloblahkop, and @xavonthebeat. (Artist Submitted)

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