Chapo800 – Hail Mary Remix (Music Video)

Chapo800, rapping out of Turlock, CA, releases his single, “Hail Mary Remix”, borrowing instrumental and lyrical elements from California legend Tupac’s, “Hail Mary”. Chapo800 talks his sh*t on this track. Similar to the original sample, on “Hail Mary Remix” Chapo800’s delivers his life narrative and details his large ambitions in slow, tempo-riding bars. In the music video up top, Chapo800 performs solo-dolo in low-lit sets, brands and icons of luxury are featured throughout. While Chapo800 currently may not sit at the top of any charts, he’s sure living as if he one day will. Follow Chapo800 on IG: @chapo800_!

🎥: @stewyfilms

🎹: Hurt-M-Badd

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