G.D.GOTTI – Ben & Jerry’s (Music Video)

G.D.GOTTI raps over a spicy guitar riff on “Ben & Jerry’s”, produced by Andyr. Hailing from Fremont, CA, G.D.GOTTI blends a variety of pop and rap styles from the Bay to create his unique flow. He raps about how cold the world can be, staying true to the thematic title of this track, it’s faith and hard work getting him thru each day. G.D.GOTTI performs in cold and scenic locations in the Tristan Custodio directed music video up top, driving the point home further – it’s frosty out here when you’re tryna make it out. Discover more from G.D.GOTTI here and follow him on IG: @goof_don_gotti! (Artist Submitted)

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