Real Cash Ent ft. Guice Flow – Blu Strips (Music Video)

Fresno artist @RealCashEnt gets paid on “Blu Strips”, featuring Guice Flow! These two expect a lot of cash and plenty of action from their status in the game. Money will make just about anybody go wild, especially a woman chasing after a bag. Real Cash Ent and Guice Flow are committed to popping bottles all night & indulging in pleasure 24/7. Visual directed by BMRXBMP559 and beat produced by DJ Z x Real Cash Ent. Stream “Blue Strips” on Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify! Tap in with Real Cash Ent on YouTube and IG: @real_cash_ent and tap in with Guice Flow on IG: @guiceflow! (Artist Submitted)

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