Affiliat3d On What Lead His Growth As A Consistent Artist & More

We tapped in with Oakland’s Affiliat3d after his successful release of “Batter Up”! He’s been dropping some heat lately. Below is our conversation with him about his musical process and what’s coming next. Tap in with Affiliat3d on IG: @affiliat3d._ and read more on “Batter Up” here. (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?

Affiliat3d: I’m from East Oakland man, the bottom of seminary . I grew up goin thru the same shit everybody go thru in Oakland. I was my momma first child and only boy so I done been thru all the bullshit you know?
T: How did you begin making music & how did you get your rap name?
Affiliat3d:. I starting writing music in jail, that’s the same place I got my rap name. It was hella shit goin on , but even tho I was always on this side of these politics I was never just gang banging fr. Thru the shit that was goin on ina streets I always had love from mfs on our side no matter what faction of the shit other mfs was. It was always mfs I had love for and mfs who had love for me.

T: How would describe your musical style?
Affiliat3d: I honestly have my own style . I can talk my shit – give y’all the shit y’all love to hear. And I can do the melody shit . I’m versatile af when it come to the music shit I got songs for everything.
T: Tell me about “Batter Up” & what inspired this new single?

Affiliat3d: I wrote batter up in jail. I got the beat from a nigga names saviii 3rd from baby insane in song beach. I was in prison with him and when he got out he took off running. I respected what he had goin on and in some way it was a inspiration. He got out and got signed to cash money . Fresh out the pin you know . I got on the same beat and put my own spin on it and referenced my life and shit I was goin thru. It’s a PSA of where I stand and what I’m on you know?

T: How is it different than previous drops?

Affiliat3d: It’s a different flow. Like I said saviii 3rd got the original song I just put my own spin on there . And like I said it’s a statement so this song getting across a whole mother message. It’s to everybody ain’t nobody expect from what I was sayin in that song.

T: Is it part of a project? If so, can you tell me more about that?

Affiliat3d: Na this was more of just lyrical exercise. This not even my beat I was just having fun with that fr. I fasho got a couple projects in the works. I got a album about to drop with traxamillion , album with Jayp bangs in the works, and another tape with my boy slightwork that’s almost done too.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening to “Batter Up”?
Affiliat3d: Shit I don’t need no extra niggas. My dawgs I’m locked in with know what it is with me. It’s a statement for me and my niggas. We don’t need niggas and we stand on business. I need y’all getting chills when y’all listen to this shit man

T: What’s next?

Affiliat3d: Man next? I’m on to sum rn yall can expect a whole lot of consistency outta me man I’m growing as an artist and it’s gon show.


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