Give The Producer Some: 6 Producers You Should Know from Northern California (Part 6)

We have our producers to thank for cultivating the hot sounds that have been emerging from Northern California. Give The Producer Some is a recurring segment we dedicate to the beatsmiths who have truly been developing their sound and expanding what the palette of our regional sound. Without further ado, take a look at some of the best to do it so far in 2021!


SparkyMadeItSlap – Sacramento, CA

You’ve probably heard of SparkyMadeItSlap if you’ve been tuning into the movement that the late rapper Bris created. Sparky has been making beats since 2012 but started picking up momentum in late 2018 with J. Stalin’s “Money Train” and Bris’s “Hella Poppin”. After connecting with Bris the two rode each other’s waves, delivering new bangers like “Outrageous”, “No Hope”, and “No Horse Playing”. Moving into 2020 they would drop some of Bris’s hottest tracks “Need Hammy”, which came out days before his death and “Free Slyde” which was released posthumously. These releases undoubtedly cultivated a new wave in Northern Cali. Sparky also produced hot tracks like “Involve With Us” and “Private Property” that would accelerate the careers of Frisco’s ZayBang and Lil Bean. Today you can hear Sparky’s signature sound being emulated by many newer producers.


KillaSiiwila – San Jose, CA

KillaSiiwila started to pick up steam back in 2018 when he got tapped in with the popular Frisco rapper Yatta. Together they dropped “Told Me” and “Betrayed (feat. Mozzy)” which went on to gain millions of views. After continuing to release popular tracks with Yatta, Killa’s name was spreading like wildfire and before you know it he was making slaps with a wider variety of artists like MBNel, Slimmy B, $tupid Young, GB, EBK Young Joc and more. He even laced us for one of 2021’s Thizzler Cyphers. As of now Killa runs a collective with videographer BTC Visuals and it’s worth mentioning that he has more work with Yatta on the way!


Synco – Fremont, CA

Synco began his production journey in 2015 when his homies needed someone to engineer for them. The soon to be prodigy took up FL Studio and discovered that he could also make beats with it, the rest is history from there. As Synco perfected his craft, more opportunities knocked on his door and before you know it he was making slaps with SOB x RBE, Lil Shiek, LikyBo, Nef the Pharaoh and more, but this was only the beginning. What stands out about Synco is how he decided that he wanted to evolve his sound, so he pushed himself to create a network outside the Bay Area.

Synco feels it’s important to examine all types of music from around the world and incorporate it into your own sound to avoid being boxed in. By doing this Synco would go on to produce for much bigger artists like Blueface, JayDaYoungan, Shoreline Mafia and Lil Baby. His biggest accomplishment however is producing Polo G’s “Rapstar”, which peaked at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. This man has clearly come a long way from where he started and surely serves as motivation to many. It’ll be exciting to see where he goes from here.


Jay Ballin – Napa, CA

Jay Ballin first embarked on his journey in 2016, during his freshman year of high school through. He picked up FL Studios and after mastering the software would land his first big placement with Mozzy and Yatta’s “Free Yatta Pt. 2”. While networking around the Bay, Jay established a relationship with the renowned Lil Yase who he would spend substantial time in the studio with. Jay says Yase was the first artist to take him under his wing and believe in him. Yase would give Jay game on how the music industry worked.  Jay Ballin would go on to produce hot tracks such as MBNel’s “No Rollie” and Acito’s “Deep End” as his beats began to make rounds throughout Northern Cali. Jay’s producer tag has become pretty recognizable because of how many songs he’s produced and the catalog is only growing. He seems to have a bright future ahead.


YvnngEcko – Fresno, CA

One of the few producers to be making waves in Fresno, currently 19 years old, YvnngEcko has been at it as far back as 2010. As a youngster Ecko realized that he was getting too involved in the streets and decided choose a different route. This is where producing came into play. Ecko’s made a name for himself producing for being a multi-hyphenate talent. He’s built an audience on Thizzler C.Lee Takeovers and has produced for artists like Bankroll RaeDoe, Hammad, SOB x RBE and more. Be on the lookout for new tracks with SOB x RBE, Mozzy, Bris, Daboii, Mac J, Shootergang Kony and Sage the Gemini. Ecko’s career is starting to really take off  there’s no telling where he’ll go from here.


Legend – San Diego, CA

Although Legend is from San Deigo, this producer has worked on a ton of Northern Cali music. For Legend it all started when he messed around using Garage Band on his iPhone. After switching from phone to computer, and from Garage Band to FL Studios, Legend began to realize that he had potential. This prompted him to keep pushing and eventually he landed his first big placement with Young Slo-Be’s “Trey Songz”. As it turns out that was the right move because Legend went on to produce beats for some big names like Drakeo the Ruler, Lil Yase, YN Jay and many more. Legends signature sound lies within his basslines, he claims that it’s either gonna knock and be smooth or hard and slappin. Once you hear the tag “Legend Made Another One” you know the beat’s gonna go crazy.


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