CJ Washington – Love Songs and Low Pass Filters (EP)

@_cjmusic is a Sacramento-based pop, R&B, soul singer-songwriter, and guitarist. Inspired by John Mayer, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, and R&B singer Joe, Cj Washington began playing guitar as a young kid and has gone on to work with talented and influential artists including P. Diddy. Cj has previously released two EPs, Soulacoustic and Spend the Night, and has also landed credits with Berner & B-Real on their Los Meros album, as well as with Capolow on the track “Lately.”

Love Songs & Low Pass Filters EP brings together elements of guitar and hip-hop drums in an up-tempo collection of pop and R&B songs performed entirely by Cj Washington. Co-written with his producing partner Vidal Garcia and friend Devin Wright, the EP was recorded at the WAV Lounge throughout 2020 and into 2021. Love Songs & Low Pass Filters EP is full of catchy tracks that get the head nodding while conveying the ups and downs of life and relationships as Cj sees them, such as on the track “Upside Down” about the love-hate relationship between an addict and their addiction, or on the track “Him” about missed opportunities and seeing someone you love with somebody else.

Cj Washington is a talented producer who has worked with several notable artists. In 2020, he contributed production and instrumentation for the track “Live Your Life” from the Berner & B-Real album Los Meros, and also for two songs from the Berner and Cozmo album Respect the Connect, “Mind Racin’” and “What It Came To.” In 2020 Cj Washington also provided production and instrumentation to the Capolow track “Lately” from the album Kid Next Door.

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