DB.Boutabag – In Yo Name (Lul Jody Tribute) (Music Video) || Dir. RedFox

Sacramento’s DB.Boutabag dropped a brand new heart-felt music video dedicated to the deceased Lul Jody who tragically lost his life to gun violence in the summer of 2020. Lul Jody showed a lot of great prospect with his raw delivery as he was just starting to make a name for himself in this industry, it’s truly a shame that he had to depart just as he was beginning to blow up because his music was really going crazy. You can check out one of Jody’s music videos here or search up “Lul Jody” on YouTube. Jody was more than just a rapper to DB, he was a close friend and you can hear it in this track. Check it out right here!

Prod. Lonis KND

Dir. RedFox

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