Daniyel – Kosher Demo Tapes Lvl.1 (EP)

@withdaniyel has an amazing EP titled Kosher Demo Tapes Lvl.1 that you should go check out! Daniyel added this dope four song EP to his catalog and it’s a whole vibe from start to finish. Production on the project is out of this world and Daniyel’s lyrics are something that most of us can feel and relate to. Over the past couple years the Vallejo born artist who was also spent time in Portland has been grinding heavy and building a solid fanbase. 2022 will definitely be a year full of even more growth for the hitmaker. Go check Kosher Demo Tapes Lvl.1 out below and show Daniyel some love!

Stream Kosher Demo Tapes Lvl.1 below and follow Daniyel on Instagram: @Daniyel


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