Ilah Islord on the making of “Traumatized” and the label 7.3.7 Godbody Ent.

7.3.7 Godbody Ent. artist Ilah Islord performs alongside Y.N.B. on the single inspired by real life “Traumatized”, directed by INO FILMZ! Their aim was to drop a slap that would be relatable to the masses by giving us an inside look of their shared journey in the streets. They detail the struggle over this Kiingty Productions beat. Below is our interview with Ilah Islord about his music and 7.3.7 Godbody Ent., a Northwest based label focused on bringing our unique sound to the world, and his unique approach to sharing his story. Make sure to check that out below ⬇️. Slap Ilah Islord on Apple Music & discover more content here! Follow Ilah Islord, Y.N.B., and 7.3.7 Godbody Ent. on IG: @ilah_montana, @yncbagchaser, and @737godbodyent. (Artist Submitted)

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?

Ilah Islord: I’m originally from the Midwest (Rockford, Illinois). I was there for about 14 years of my life and then I moved to the great Northwest coast. So I consider myself Midwest born and Northwest raised. My upbringing is not too different from most, unfortunately biological father left mom on her own, but by the grace of God I had an angel for stepfather (Steven C. Smithson) R.I.P. I was in and out of the system at a young age, wasted a lot of my moments, shed a lot of tears, lost a lot of loved ones, and learned a lot of lessons.

T: How did you begin making music?

Ilah Islord: I’ve always had a love for music. I come from a music loving family. I remember my mom blasting music through the house every weekend while we cleaned. I kept that love all through my life and as I got older I learned to not just use music for enjoyment but also as a way to mentally escape confinement.

T: How did you get your rap name?

Ilah Islord: My actual name is Milz Montana, some of my previous music was released on YouTube under that handle, however during my last bid I got reintroduced to supreme knowledge and understanding and my brother from another mother named me Ilah Islord which breaks down into (God Is Lord).

T: How would you describe your musical style?

Ilah Islord: I would describe my music as authentic and from the heart. My sound is inspired by real events from the perspective of the victim as well as the felon because I’ve been on both sides. Lessons are easier to express once you truly understand them so my music is just that, life seen from my perspective.

T: Tell me about “Traumatized”.

Ilah Islord: “Traumatized” is a song written by one of my sons Y.N.B. (Young Neighborhood Bully). It came from his vision and he wanted me on there to tell my story so we went in the lab and an hour later came out with “Traumatized”.

T: What inspired this new single?

Ilah Islord: The struggle.

T: How is it different than previous drops?

Ilah Islord: “Traumatized” is different because it comes from the mind of a young man going through everything that they go through in this day and age as he’s still trying to find a way out. It’s relatable on many levels to many people.

T: Is it part of a project? If so, can you tell me more about that?

Ilah Islord: Yes, it’s available on our platforms now and will also be featured on Y.N.B.’s upcoming EP.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening to “Traumatized”?

Ilah Islord: Shit is real.

T: What’s next?

Ilah Islord: Grind until we get to the top period.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?

Ilah Islord: It’s all love. Godbody God7got3me7

(Artist Submitted)

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