Teazy x Tk DeeBo x Yung Jalez – Me Vs Me (Music Video)

Woodland, CA’s @TTGJalez, @tkdeebo_552 and @greg_popabitch deliver their new music video “Me Vs Me” directed by @sammakesmedia! When things get tricky and life takes a huge turn for the worst or even when you feel as if you reached rock bottom, that’s when you truly see who has your back. In Teazy’s verse, he tells himself that although things are dark at first if he keeps going he’ll eventually find the light! Jalez elaborates on how he stays motived by putting all his energy and focus into making his music as that’s how he tunes out the nonsense. Keep an eye out for more music from these Woodland representatives on YouTube and make sure you follow them on IG: @ttgjalez x @tkdeebo_552 x @valleyboyzkakestackent x @greg_popabitch! (Artist Submitted)


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