Babyface Wood x 7thLettahSav x LokiChaseABag – Dive In (Exclusive Music Video)

🎵 Babyface Wood’s new album Mixed Emotions drops Tuesday, May 24th!

Yakima, WA’s Babyface Wood recruits Sacramento 7thLettahSav and San Jose’s LokiChaseABag for this new banger “Dive In”! Love can get tricky nowadays and risky but it all depends on the vibe and the genuine energy between the two. Who can you trust and who can you lean on when things get shaky? That’s what these talented artists want to find out, are you with them? Watch this Young TC directed music video right above!

📲 Follow Babyface Wood, 7thLettahSav, and LokiChaseABag on IG: @heavycampwood, @7thlettah29, and @lokichaseabag

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