Opin Society: creating a more open world (Interview)

For MC Cherry, it all started with an idea. He wanted to create a place where people could connect more authentically and set out to do just that with his app Opin Society. Users can create digital billboards of themselves where talents and interests are shared. New ventures are awaiting all who sign up! Below we tapped in with MC Cherry to learn more about Opin Society and his path to unifying business owners and marketing. (Submitted)

Thizzler: How does this help individuals, communities and societies?
MC Cherry: I believe it will help the individuals because it give them the ability to showcase their talents, products & points of view! In a community this is important because it connects people! Society is beautiful when people are connected!

T: Why do you think this needed in today society?
MC Cherry: Society needs this because people need a new ways to communicate in public while handling their business! Today’s person is on the move!

T: What type of people was this designed for?
MC Cherry: It’s for everyone that is trying to get shit done!

T: Why is there no notifications , comments or like buttons?
MC Cherry: To fend off haters! Billboard are great because it’s hard to argue with them!

T: Why did you build it?
MC Cherry: Last but not least, I built it to put people on a level playing field with big businesses!


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