1st Place

1st Place – Pimpin

Pimpin, pimpin, pimpin, pimpin! You know what I’m sayin?! Pimpin ass TJ go hard on a bitch mayne..
MP3 DOWNLOAD1st Place – Pimpin

1st Place – Friday

Another new one from the homeboy TJ (Stressmatic of The Federation)! It ain’t your typical Bay slap, but it’s a dope one… MP3 DOWNLOAD1st Place –...

1st Place – This Record

1st Place with some more acoustic rock rap…I know for most of ya’ll this is some weird shit but I think it’s dope. Keep keeping it real TJ, let’s...

1st Place – Fuck You

1st Place (Stressmatic of The Federation’s group) is dropping their greatest hits album soon, and this is the first leak from it… MP3 DOWNLOAD1st Place...

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