Roach Gigz

Roach Gigz – On Me (Prod. Remedy)

@RoachG deivers a dope feelgood joint, payin’ homage to those that we’ve lost recently, including a dope tribute to @TheJacka! Slap the @YoungRemedy415...

Roach Gigz – 37 (Music Video)

@RoachG is still hyphy, bitch! And he has 37 grinds… Directed by Indica Films, produced by C-Loz. Get that RB4 below.
Roachy Balboa 4 BOOM Goomba

Roach Gigz – Misfit (Prod. C-Loz)

@RoachG dont give a damn what you think of him! He aint got nothin to prove to you muthafxckas, he’ll just get on the Mic and abuse you muthafxckas! Bump this...

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