Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne Teaches How To Rap

He’ll teach you how to stunt rap. Tech dropping some gems on how he makes his style so dope. From the upcoming How To Rap book. Rap 101!

Tech N9ne with XXL

The Midwest OG explains how he survives outside the major label system and racked up a million records sold when you add up all his indie releases. He might be the most...

Tech N9ne speaks with Ms. Drama

Tech N9ne talks about his album, King of Darkness (K.O.D) and the emotional darkness he was in during the making of it. He also explains why his single, “Leave Me...

Video: Tech N9ne – Leave Me Alone

New video off K.O.D. which dropped TODAY. Cop that and vote for Tech @ MTVU. Get this dude a Woodie, he deserves it (no matter how stupid it sounds).

Tech N9ne – Questions (Rough Draft)

Some old school Tech N9ne…one of his illest songs by far. Off the Calm Before the Storm album. Check out his album Killer from last year too. Sickology 101 from...

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