► You can submit music for free to

► Enter to win free placement every #FWMFriday starting at 11am! Rules posted to our IG Story every Friday.

► Rap or play your beats every week on the Thizzler Live Showcases every Sunday at 9PM on our IG Live, hosted by @TheCleeBrand.

► Get free game and talk about current events every week on the C Lee Takeover every Thursday at 9PM on our IG Live, hosted by @TheCleeBrand.

► For guaranteed placement on our IG, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, website or interviews, text (415)212-5031 or email This is for paid promo only.

► Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook at @TheThizzler.


► Submitted content for the blog can be embedded via a YouTube or SoundCloud link & does not need to be to hosted on our channels.

► To be considered for placement on our YouTube or Soundcloud channels, the song or video must not be publicly uploaded anywhere else. This does not apply to paid placements.

► We monetize ALL unclaimed videos on our YouTube channel. If you want to claim your video and receive 100% of the ad revenue, you can use YouTube Content ID. Most distributors do this automatically – it matches using the audio waveform (like Shazam), we do not need an ISRC code. If you do not have a distributor, one option out of many out there that we’ve seen work is RouteNote. Want to learn more about Content ID? Click here.

► If you choose to upload to one of our platforms, your song(s) must be completely original content that you have a lease or exclusive rights to. Remixes, beats used without permission from the producer and freestyles over someone else’s instrumental will not be accepted. If we receive a takedown request because of your upload, it will be deleted, you will not be eligible for a refund and you will be banned from any further promotion on Thizzler until the copyright strike is retracted. This does not apply to Soundcloud reposts, posts or #TeamThizzler Twitter promo.

► We have a zero tolerance policy on fake views on our platforms. Videos with suspicious views (large number of views from other countries, sudden unexplained spike then drop of views, etc.) will be deleted and will not be eligible for a refund or any kind of credit. We do not recommend using any unverified marketing companies that claim they can get your video any set number of views.

► To get the Thizzler Exclusive tag on your music video on our YouTube channel, you need to hit 10k views in 30 days. Once you do that, text the link to (415) 212-5031 and our team will add it.

► We do not support diss records.


► Be respectful to our staff. Don’t expect us to want to post your music if you spam us, demand that we post your music, or talk shit about us.

► Show you’re a part of our community by commenting & sharing our posts, our videos, our IG Lives, etc.

► Quality presentation is KEY! Good artwork, videos, beats & mixing go a long way.

► Build your own buzz. The more you bring to the table, the better your odds of getting posted. We are looking for mutually beneficial situations, not situations where we do all the work.

► If you’re looking for us to do it all for you, don’t expect to get on for free.

This information is subject to change without notice.

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