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Are you passionate about Bay Area music and want to help support it? We need:

  1. Video Editors / Directors
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Show Promoters
  4. Venues
  5. DJs
  6. Studios
  7. Engineers
  8. Music Posters
  9. Interns

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    Submit your music for consideration for posting on! All submissions must be in MP3 format and must include a graphic we can use for the post. You can submit via SoundCloud or email If you include your Twitter, we will @ you if it is posted. 

    Mixtapes & videos should be submitted to as LINKS, not attachments. Hulkshare (for mixtapes) & YouTube (for videos) are easy ways to do this.

    Only Bay Area artists will be considered for posting. Please note we get A LOT of submissions so if we don't post your music or even respond to your email, it's because we're busy and not because we hate you.


    Note: By submitting your content via email or Soundcloud, you agree that you own the commercial rights to the content submitted and you give Thizzler On The Roof non-exclusive rights to upload & distribute your content via, YouTube, Hulkshare and SoundCloud. This includes monetization via YouTube.



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