The Blueprint - Section 6: Monetizing Your Music

Creating great music is only half the battle for artists - understanding how to monetize that music is another vital element to sustain your career. As part of our 'Blueprint' series, this article breaks down the essentials of digital distribution and video content monetization. 

Digital Distribution 101

If you're planning to independently release your work, digital distribution services such as TuneCore, CD Baby, Distrokid, and United Masters are instrumental. These platforms enable you to distribute your music across a wide array of digital streaming platforms. The payment models of these services differ - some take a percentage of your streaming sales, others charge a recurring fee but let you keep all your royalties. It's important to evaluate each service and find the one that best aligns with your goals. 

Additionally, remember that it can take up to 3-4 weeks for music to be processed and go live on streaming platforms. Plan your release dates accordingly. Should you wish to sell physical copies of your music, digital albums, or merchandise, platforms like Bandcamp offer an excellent solution for setting up your own online shop.

Turning to the topic of YouTube Video Content, YouTube's Content ID system, part of YouTube Monetization, provides an avenue for you to monetize any song for which you control the copyright. Your chosen digital distribution service, such as TuneCore, CD Baby, or Distrokid, can assist with this process. Just ensure that your metadata - the copyright information about your song - is accurate and comprehensive. This ensures that YouTube can identify your music across its platform as efficiently as possible.

One note of caution - resist the temptation to purchase 'fake' views. Not only can this damage your reputation, but it can also negatively impact potential partnerships with labels and music companies. It's always best to grow your views organically through genuine marketing and advertising strategies.


As always, once you've got the business side taken care of, you can focus more on your artistry. At Thizzler, we're here to help you take your career to the next level. Stay tuned for the next installment in our Blueprint series, and until then, continue making great music that works for you.


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