Terms & Conditions

► By submitting content, you give Thizzler On The Roof permission to post your content on our platforms. We will not post your content to our YouTube channel or Soundcloud without confirming with you first, but may post to other platforms such as Instagram or TikTok without notice – we will tag you if we have your @.

► We encourage you to claim your videos on our YouTube channel! If you want to claim your video and receive 100% of the ad revenue, you can use a music distributor like DistrokidTuneCore or CD Baby, who have options to use YouTube Content ID to find & claim your video automatically. Want to learn more about Content ID? Click here. We monetize all unclaimed videos on our YouTube channel.

► If you choose to upload to one of our platforms, your song(s) must be completely original content that you have a lease or exclusive rights to. Remixes, beats used without permission from the producer and freestyles over someone else’s instrumental will not be accepted. Soundcloud reposts, Thizzler.com posts or #TeamThizzler Twitter promo do not need a lease or exclusive rights.

► All content is subject to approval.

► We do not support diss records – songs with name drops will be rejected.

► All sales are final.

► If we receive a chargeback or your payment does not clear after your content has been posted, all of your content from all orders will be removed & you will be banned any further promotion on Thizzler until the payment & any applicable fees are repaid to Thizzler.

► If we receive a takedown request because of your upload, your upload will be deleted, you will not be eligible for a refund and you will be banned from any further promotion on Thizzler until the copyright strike is retracted.

► We have a zero tolerance policy on fake views on our platforms. Videos with suspicious views (large number of views from other countries, sudden unexplained spike then drop of views, etc.) will be deleted and will not be eligible for a refund or any kind of credit. We do not recommend using any unverified marketing companies that claim they can get your video any set number of views.

► We do not do same day placements, so please plan ahead. For YouTube, our most popular platform, there is usually a wait time of at least 2 weeks. For Instagram, there is usually a minimum wait time of 2-5 days.

► Show and Prove Ticket holders may reschedule their participation in an event up to three times. After the third rescheduling attempt, the ticket will be forfeited, and the individual will need to purchase a new ticket for future participation.

► These terms are subject to change without notice.