We develop talent.

We've helped multiple artists make their first $100k and beyond from music.

Our team helps artists build, run & grow their businesses from the ground up. We provide services such as distribution, marketing & promotion, funding, and more.

What We're Looking For

The best way to get noticed by our team is by participating on our platforms.

Our talent scouts are looking for high energy performers, creative songwriters, and innovative producers who are taking their career seriously.

What we provide

Our Partnerships team works with artists directly to help them build their brand and monetize their music business.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Music & Video Distribution

Get paid from your views.

Our content delivery team will review, encode and deliver your music to all of the major DSPs, including Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal, as well as making sure your videos are optimized for YouTube.

We use Content ID on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook to make sure you get paid every time someone else uses your music, too.

Marketing & Promotion

We'll help build your brand and amplify your music.

We have an in-house network of over 2.1 million social media followers, and a team that specializes in content creation for and around artists.

Our team is knowledgeable about the latest trends and will also source news, lifestyle & viral content around you as an artist and your music that can reach millions of people on our platforms and then be pushed to other pages.

We also have experience in TikTok marketing, influencer campaigns, outdoor advertising, playlisting and other methods to push a song if it starts to take off.

Branding & Creative

You're a star, so you should look like one.

Our in-house designers can create stylish graphics for single or album covers, or work with outside vendors to take their work to the next level with motion graphics and formatting for all possible placements, including social media and billboards.

We also have a great network of videographers, photographers and other content creators that you can tap in with to level up your brand.


We'll invest with you so you can grow your business.

Whether it's paying vendors, expanding into new business opportunities, personal expenses, or legal fees, we can provide you with advances or budgets based on your monthly earnings.


Know what you're making. Know what you're spending.

Your personal dashboard tracks all of your income & expenses for easy accounting. You can log in any time.

We know transparency is important, and our platform gives you full insight into your business as an artist.

turn your music into a business

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