we support artists with potential

Prospects who qualify get:

📈 15% off Thizzler Promotional Services

🚀 Potential for event invites, freestyle / cypher opportunities or even distribution deal

How to Qualify


We do 3 Showcases on our IG Live and 3 Spotlights on our IG feed every week. You can buy tickets or submit music to get on.

Our talent scouts watch every Show & Prove event and are looking for high energy performers, creative songwriters, and innovative producers who are taking their career seriously.

All Star Highlights are added to the Prospect Program.

Do #'s on a Thizzler Promo

If you're doing numbers on our platform, we have to respect it. If you reach:

10k views in 30 days on a music video on our YouTube channel OR

100k views in 7 days on a Slap Or Nah on our Instagram page

You'll be added to the Prospect Program. All views must be organic (no ads or bots) and from the United States.

Win #FWMFriday

#FWMFriday is a Thizzler tradition that has broken the first big music videos from DB.Boutabag, Lul Tys and more.

Submissions start at 11AM PST every Friday on our Instagram Story.

The winner gets posted to our Instagram feed and entry to the Prospect Program.

Spend over $2k within 6 months

If you're consistently tapping in by buying Show & Prove tickets or promotion, it shows that you are serious.

Spending over $2,000 on Show & Prove tickets and/or Promotional Services within the past 6 months will get you into the Thizzler Prospect Program.

stay active to keep Prospect status

Thizzler Prospect Program membership expires 6 months from the last time you qualified. So make sure you stay active, or your Prospect status will disappear!