What We Do

We develop talent. We work with talent at all stages in their career to help them grow their fanbase & their business.

Artists at any level can take advantage of our free & paid Show & Prove events and promotional opportunities. That's how we discover Prospects that we want to partner with.

When we find a diamond in the rough, we may offer a distribution deal that can lead to a full partnership with our team.

We provide a variety of services, such as distribution, financing, marketing, PR, project management and creative.

Our Mission

Our mission at Thizzler is to find diamonds in the rough & help them reach their potential.

We know there is talent out there in slept on cities all over the world. We saw for years how the industry slept on a thriving Bay Area music scene, and now we see the same thing happening with regional scenes all over.

We believe that with the right work ethic, platform & support system, talented artists from anywhere can break into the major leagues.


Thizzler On The Roof was founded by Matt Werner in 2009. It started as a blog for Bay Area rap and other news while he worked on a mixtape. The idea was that by the time the mixtape came out, the Thizzler blog would have an audience that he could promote the mixtape to.

The mixtape never dropped, but Thizzler grew, becoming the top promotional platform for West Coast music with thousands of songs promoted & hundreds of artist interviews.

From 2010 - 2014, Thizzler & DJ Amen produced the Bay Area Freshmen 10, a campaign was an early cosign of artists like G-Eazy, Symba, P-Lo, Sage The Gemini, iamsu!, Nef The Pharaoh, and others and premiered the Gold record "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn on 106.1 KMEL.

In 2011, Thizzler launched its YouTube channel to promote the latest songs & music videos, premiering the Gold record "20 Joints" by Berner, the double Platinum record "Gas Pedal" by Sage The Gemini, as well as early records from Mozzy, Bris, Haiti Babii, MBNel, HBK Gang, SOB X RBE, Kehlani and more.

From 2013 - 2019, Thizzler produced original content such as a weekly Northern California news show called TZLR News with host Nump, a podcast called That's My Word, 4 years of Northern California award shows called Best Of Thizzler, and hundreds of interviews with artists.

In 2017, Thizzler launched the first Best of Thizzler cyphers, which have since led to the Gold record "Change Ya Life" by Haiti Babii, gained millions of streams, and generated multiple viral moments.

In 2018, we launched our Partnerships team, eventually helping artists such as Young Slo-Be, DB.Boutabag, EBK Young Joc, EBK Jaaybo & more build their music businesses and distributing multiple West Coast hits.

In 2019, Thizzler partnered with C Lee to do weekly IG Live showcases that have helped artists like Lul Tys, Lil Seeto, 1100 Himself & Mitchell and more build their fanbases.

In 2021, we opened our doors to partnerships with artists from around the world, starting with partnerships with artists up & down the West Coast.