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An IG Feed post (freestyle, music video, skit, TikTok or Triller) gets you a video post on our feed within the next 14 days, or for $600 you can drop in the next 24-72 hours.

Music videos & freestyles will be posted as a “Slap Or Nah” to get fan feedback. Every Wednesday, the top 5 Slap Or Nah’s get shared to our IG Story, and after each month, the top 9 Slap Or Nah’s get posted in a special IG carousel.

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$ 19.99
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1 Instagram Story Post to @TheThizzler's Instagram Story. 15 seconds of your song or video will be played. If it is a song, it will be posted as a "Slap Or Nah" for the fans to vote on. Lasts 24 hours.


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1 upload to the Thizzler YouTube channel. Must be a music video.


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earn your spot

Every week, we have Show & Prove events where you can earn new fans and win free promo on Thizzler by having a Highlight-worthy performance, song or video.