Song Review Showcase

Play your song & get live feedback! The Song Review is a great place to promote new music or get opinions on works in progress. 

All Star Highlights win a free IG Feed Post & get access to the Thizzler Prospect benefits. This is a guaranteed performance slot on an @TheThizzler IG Live show. You can be cut off at any time for fumbles, bad connection or other reasons. Feedback may be negative. No refunds.

Advantages of this Show & Prove placement:
Gain Fans & Followers

Our Instagram Live averages over 15,000 viewers per night - a great performance can easily get you 50-100 new followers.

Earn Highlight Opportunities

Get chosen as a Highlight, get a free Show & Prove ticket. Get the All Star Highlight of the night, and you'll get access to the Thizzler Prospect Program too.

Sell Features & Beats

Many artists & producers watch our Show & Prove events each week. If you impress, you can build your business.

Pathway To Thizzler Partnership

Thizzler A&R's watch every Show & Prove event, and we're looking for talent to eventually partner with. For more information on Thizzler Partnerships, click here.

Get Real Feedback

We have guest judges who are active in the scene, plus the comments will let you know if you're 🔥 or not.

Improve Your Performance Skills

Practice makes perfect. The more work you put in, the better you will get - Show & Prove events are a great way to get practice without leaving your house.

Instagram Live Showcases

Hosted by the one & only @TheCleeBrand, we do Instagram Live showcases every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night!

We typically have a highly engaged live audience of 500-1500 viewers at a time that gives each performance feedback, and you never know what special guests will pop in to judge!

@TheThizzler IG Live has been the starting point for artists like Lul Tys, Lil Seeto, 1100 Himself & Mitchell and more, and producers from all over use the platform to sell beats & get placements. It's a great way to get discovered for the Thizzler Cyphers.